Unfortunately we hear this regularly.
A number of our clients have come to us for help and have had a bad taste in their mouth because of their experience with other designers or companies.

We guarantee all of our work. If we quote on a job we honour it. In the past we have actually lost money because of our error in quoting but thats our problem…not our clients, so we wear it and learn from it.
We guarantee our service to our clients not because they sign a service contract and pay extra for it…in fact we dont have service contracts and only charge our standard published rates.
We dont have fine print.
What you see is what you get…the work you have asked for in the time you wanted it and at the cost you were quoted.

Certainly…see our Portfolio section to see a sample of some of the work we have completed.

We are verging on 12 years now…how time flies.
New Zealand Website Design & Hosting is a division of 1 Group / JDI Advertising Ltd which was incorporated in 1995.
NZWDH was born in 1999 offering basic website design and hosting. We were mainly using USA servers only.
As the internet has developed and evolved so have we.
We now have a team of designers and coders based both in New Zealand and abroad.
We can now work 24/7 to meet clients deadlines as required.
we use market leader Cpanel and WHM gui interfaces with our servers.
We also now use top of the line server networks housed in Auckland CBD

The best way to find out if we are the company you are looking for is to contact any of our clients. 90% of our client base are based purely on referrals so we must be doing something right 🙂